With lime oil, this gentle gel leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

Nursery Cleansing gel LL
Lime & Lemon<for Oily Skin>

Removes excess oil to control future breakouts.
Keeps your skin clear and vibrant while hydrates.

Nursery Cleansing gel LL
Lime & Lemon 180ml
Price JPY 1,600 (tax out)

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Nursery Cleansing gel LL
Lime & Lemon 500ml
Price JPY 3,800 (tax out)

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(N.B.)Due to the product made by natural ingredients,so the smell and consistency may be different,it is not the quality probelm of the product.
Nursery product is not edible.Please attention especially for children.

Nursery 5 points

Botanical and hydrated ingredients in Nursery, balance your oily skin.

Besides lime oil & lemon oil, Condensing the below ingredients
Collagen keep your skin firm and soft.
Hyaluronic acid keeps your skin in young and hydrated.

>>> Nursery W Cleansing gel Lime & Lemon main ingredients

>>> Usage

Apply a small amount and gently massage over dry face. Rinse thoroughly with water.
(N.B.)Do not use with the water.